Jumbled Bedfellows

Slumberous sovereign commander
A fair nights resting dividers,
The partitions ambivalent boundaries
Have kindly housemates driven.

Emperor of legends requested
With Kings much courting below it,
Queen, now almost by warfare
That warmth and foam hast riven.

Stuffing the body once knifed, needs little combat added
6 Foot itself for sure, long enough to dream upon it.
Times object some nights half,  no better option decided,
So then the duvet must made left in pure variety.

Established nights with gifts come I around,
Cotton middle my feather occurs more sumptuously.
Lazy bed rather comfort tends with lighter cloth abound,
And so her earrings strewn, and far more gleefully.

Mounds bouncy endeavours, to vary in size and input
Purloined he agreeable wool, to roll in dreamy heap.
Strung alternative down, that bound her foot too limply
It is, I say, it is; we groan and roll to sleep.

Photograph by Joe Gerhard http://www.josephgerhard.com

Photograph by Joe Gerhard http://www.josephgerhard.com

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