Tell me Grandfather

Lolonyo sat down in the clearing,
and waited for grandfather to come.
The time had arrived for him to be scribe, 
and absorb all the wisdoms Grandfather described.

His brow tightly furrowed, pen eager in hand,
poised to capture the secrets of his ancient land.

“So tell me grandfather, tell me how can we learn?
To acquire the knowledge, our generation yearns.

And show us grandfather, 
show us how should we teach?
So our young are inspired, 
to practice what we preach.

And what of our music? 

Tell us how must we drum?
That the best of our pounding, 
beckons in God to come.

And what of our voices?
Tell us how should we sing?
That our ancestors delight
and the angels tune in.

and then there’s our movement...

Tell us, how must we dance?
To raise earthly vibrations,
and nurture that trance.

And what of our language?
Tell us how to express,
that the placement of words
casts the magic of our best.

And then there’s our medicines...

Teach us, how should we heal?
When the level of disease seems almost unreal.

How should we collect and cook earthly plants?
And respect these elixirs and the truths that they grant.

And last but not least...

Tell us how must we pray?
So intentions are pure and charge what we say.
So our altars are built in respect of tradition,
and the channels they reach affect worldly condition.

In the same way grandfather, how do we divine?
From our waters, our mountains, from sky's planetary trine, 
How should we commune with other cosmic beings?
For we must explain our world they are seeing.”

Grandfather looked down at the boy with wide eyes, 
wise questions, so searching, nowhere could he hide.

His chest filled as bellows as he paused to review,
to consider his wisdoms and what little he knew!

He beckoned grandmother, in fear of reproach,
her teachings after all, were half his approach. 

Their discussions went on deep into the night,
L'onyo’s paper stocks dwindled,
and the embers burned bright.

“Wisdom,” said grandfather, 
“must have its space, 
so make time to create it
and engage face to face.

It needs to be hosted,
if you are to hear it.
Only then can you listen
and learn not fear it.

And be sure not to miss the clues in the seasons,
solve conundrums of life they, that once lacked in reason.

Essential understanding this, if we wish to thrive,
to nurture ourselves, keep humanity alive.

Where there is darkness, remember shine light,
and where there is weakness, remember show might!
And of course, make love your life's deepest mission,
forgiveness, compassion, they must drive your vision.

Only then will we open to such cosmic realms,
and we can restore man’s place at its helm.”

Written for the ‘Reigniting Ancient Ways’ (RAW) gathering held at Wasing Estate, UK.

RAW gathering - Huichol Tribe, Central Mexico & Kichwa Tribe, Ecuador, South America .    Photography by  Jeremy Whelehan

RAW gathering - Huichol Tribe, Central Mexico & Kichwa Tribe, Ecuador, South America .  Photography by  Jeremy Whelehan

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