Sun Spoke

Veil me with your dappled puffs
White cotton soak my rays.
Shroud me through your pear shaped drops,
And revel in my haze.

Let me dance a top the pines,
Their tips burnt ochre hues,
I'll sprinkle light in every nest,
And warm some feathers through.

My tendrils warm caress your face,
And urge a time of rest.
I'll chase your salty pearls of sweat,
And bronze your thirsty breast.

I'll know the point your heads will hang
And signal a reprieve.
Until such time I rise again
Night watchman, take my leave.

Accompanying music by Aisling Brouwer  

Photograph by    Jeremy Whelehan

Photograph by  Jeremy Whelehan

Photograph by  Remi Olajoyegbe

Photograph by  Remi Olajoyegbe

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